New-look Wombles revealed

The Wombles are back, with a fresh new look. They revealed their updated CGI style as part of the launch of the Great British Spring Clean on 25 January.

Their cover photo on Facebook and Twitter now shows six of the main characters, having previously teased us with their silhouettes. Bungo and Tomsk are missing, but can be seen in the closing shot of a new promotional video.

  • Orinoco still has his familiar red floppy hat and scarf
  • Great Uncle Bulgaria wears a tartan waistcoat rather than a shawl
  • Tobermory has his trademark bowler hat, but now wears a shirt with dungarees rather than an apron
  • Wellington now has a white lab coat, with a red baseball cap worn back to front
  • Alderney has smaller, tufty bunches in her hair, and a pink dress
  • Madame Cholet has changed the most, from a frilly apron to a stripy Breton top and beret
  • Bungo keeps his brown checkered hat with the latest Wombles logo on the front
  • Tomsk now wears a yellow hi-vis ‘Security’ jacket rather than his sporty white vest

The video mixes old clips from the 1970s TV show and the Wombles pop group with brand new CGI footage, presumably for a future television series, though there’s no news yet on when or where it might be aired.


5 thoughts on “New-look Wombles revealed”

  1. Madame Cholet’s outfit is a pretty terrible French stereotype – the original womble had a cooks outfit and a french accent – why couldn’t they have just updated the costume to a modern chef outfit instead?

    • Yes, you wouldn’t associate her with being an orderly and efficient cook in that costume, we should be steering away from stereotypes. She doesn’t immediately look female either, whereas Alderney does. Let’s hope there aren’t any more nasty shocks when other familiar non-Wimbledon wombles are revealed.

  2. I don’t like the designs to be honest. Their eyes are way too small and the mouths and eyebrows make them look creepy.

    The younger generation can keep them, but I’ll be staying well away.


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