Mike Batt live stream: songs and chat

During the coronavirus social distancing ‘lockdown’, Mike Batt is streaming a weekly live session on Facebook and Instagram, every Wednesday at 9pm.

New-look Wombles revealed

The Wombles are back, with a fresh new look. They revealed their updated CGI style as part of the launch of the Great British Spring Clean.

Celebrity Wombles fans

Lots of famous people are fond of the Wombles, particularly those who grew up during their mid-1970s heyday.

The new-look Wombles in the Bloomsbury books

The Wombles’ names

Find out all the names of the Wombles, with pictures to see who’s who. Plus the line-up of the Wombles pop group, and information about the Womble mascots.

Twitter highlights

HEY! Bad news and good news (in that order). We are out of stock of my book THE CHRONICLES OF DON'T BE SO RIDICULOUS VALLEY (bad news) -the good news is that during this LOCKDOWN PERIOD I'm making it available for FREE online, just go to tinyurl.com/qt4p8r7 and click on the