The new-look Wombles in the Bloomsbury books

The Wombles’ names

Find out all the names of the Wombles, with pictures to see who’s who. Plus the line-up of the Wombles pop group, and information about the Womble mascots.

Wimbledon and Putney Commons sign

Wombles facts and trivia

Assorted information about The Wombles – chart positions, Top Of The Pops appearances, where to find lyrics or fancy dress costumes, and more.

Celebrity Wombles fans

Lots of famous people are fond of the Wombles, particularly those who grew up during their mid-1970s heyday.

Wellington, Orinoco and Tomsk pushing shopping trolleys

Wombles shopping

There’s an assortment of Wombles merchandise available (brand new or second-hand) – books, DVDs, CDs, toys and more.

Haydon the Womble waving at Wimbledon Village Fair

Wombles events

What’s happening in the world of the Wombles: release dates, public appearances, children’s activities and special events.

The Wombles band on stage

Wombles video gallery

Watch a selection of official Wombles music videos, Top Of The Pops appearances, interviews and other TV clips, hand-picked from YouTube.

Wombles wordsearch

Wombles wordsearch

Can you find all the Wombles’ names in the wordsearch puzzle – from Alderney to Yellowstone?

2048: Wombles Edition

Play the Wombles version of the ‘2048’ tile game. Can you reach Great Uncle Bulgaria?

The Wombles Books website

Other Wombles websites

For lots more about the Wombles, see these links to official websites, fan sites, news articles and interviews.