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The Wombles exhibit at Brand Licensing Europe with a stand made of recycled materials

The Wombles reintroduced themselves at Brand Licensing Europe in London, the leading event for businesses looking to discover the most sought-after brands and characters available for licensing.

They showcased their environmental message with an exhibition stand made of reused and recycled objects, including some huge Womble figures made from natural materials.

They also displayed some of the new range of sustainable outdoor furniture from Environmental Street Furniture (ESF).

The Wombles are back! Come see how we created a sustainable activation from fully found & recycled objects at this week’s Brand Licensing Europe. Warm fuzzies that feel good & ARE good?! That’s a win-win!! #BLE2023 #Sustainability #BrandActivation #Innovation

Posted by Spiro on Thursday, 5 October 2023

Their company profile said:

The Wombles are the original environmental champions. This year marks the 50th anniversary of their first television appearance. Right from the beginning the Wombles’ adventures involved recycling and reusing the discarded things left behind by humans. Since being brought out of hibernation they have inspired a new generation with their positive environmental message. They have featured in campaigns for the Great British Spring Clean, recycling, tree planting, beach cleaning and upcycling and were the UK government’s mascots at COP26. The Wombles want to become the standard bearers for sustainability within the licensing industry.

As I was already in London I went to Brand Licensing Europe yesterday - which was er… different. If I wanted to create a collection of greeting cards based on Pokémon, Teenage Mutant Turtles, or cartoon dolls with huge made-up eyes, this would be the place to go. Those who know us will not be surprised to learn this is not the kind of products we plan to explore. It just felt so corporate, plastic, soul-less. However there was one delight amongst all the oversized plasma screens, Wombles! I adored Wombles as a child and their stand was entirely made of recycled stuff / junk or natural materials. Best of all were the Wombles made from dried flowers, seedheads and mosses. “We were green before green was a thing”

Posted by The Eco-friendly Card Company on Friday, 6 October 2023

You never know who you will bump into at Brand Licensing Europe! @showlab.it are here promoting their new TV series about Diego Maradona. #ble #ble2023 #maradona #diegomaradona #wombles #wimbledon #licensing #brandlicensing #football #soccer #argentina #collectables #collectibles #d10s #d10s⚽

Posted by Retro Writer on Thursday, 5 October 2023

Come and see The Wombles this week at Brand Licensing Europe 🤝 Located in the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London, 4th - 6th October, The Wombles will be exhibiting at Europe's leading event for licensing and brand extension 🌏 They have created a fascinating stand using recycled material that they have gathered together, including items from our new range of products in partnership with The Wombles... The Wombles Collection By ESF ♻ The Wombles stand will include our Great Uncle Bulgaria Space Saver, our Alderney Activity Picnic Table, a range of Madame Cholet Planters and our Tobermorey Smart Bin ⭐ Be sure to stop in to 📍 Stand D210 to see our products and much more from The Wombles on their 50th Anniversary 🎉 More info here ➡ https://www.worldofesf.com/wombles

Posted by Environmental Street Furniture Ltd on Monday, 2 October 2023

We met Biz Sutton after she made a huge Womble from recycled materials. Biz then borrowed her dad’s old Wombles T-shirt to wear at the top of Kilimanjaro 19340 ft above sea level. Any Womble memories out there? ⛰ - Great Uncle Bulgaria

Posted by The Wombles on Monday, 25 September 2023

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