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Wombles TV series

The Wombles 1970s TV episodes

The original BBC TV series began in 1973 and had 60 five-minute episodes, narrated by Bernard Cribbins. Here is a synopsis of each classic episode.

The Wombles 1990s TV episodes

A brand new Wombles series came to the ITV channel in 1998, with a new look, more characters and different voices. Each episode lasts ten minutes, twice the length of the 1970s episodes. Here is a list of all the modern episodes.

The Wombles on Jackanory

Before the animated TV series of The Wombles, stories from the first two books were broadcast on Jackanory in 1969 and 1971.

Wombles DVDs - 1990s TV series

In the UK, episodes from the 1998-1999 television series were only available on VHS videos. But the complete series was released on DVD in Australia.

Wombles film - Wombling Free

Wombling Free, a full-length, live-action Wombles film, was released in 1977. It’s had several video and DVD releases.