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New official Wombles social media account launched

Wombles Wanted

A new ‘WomblesOfficial’ account has appeared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, teasing us with Womble figures in silhouette and the hashtag #WomblesWanted.

With the slogan ‘Recycle, Reuse, Rethink’, they’re particularly encouraging environmental conservation and praising people’s wombling efforts.

They’ve also posted a scene of Wimbledon Common at dusk, with a bench under a glowing traditional lamppost, and an old wooden windmill in the distance. Could this be an early teaser for a future television programme? When a fan asked about new Wombles plans on Facebook, they were told: “Right now, we’re just focusing on wombling! But we’ll keep you updated.”

Mike Batt’s Dramatico Animation company was previously creating a new CGI TV series, but the work stopped in 2017 due to financial difficulties. Mike filed for personal bankruptcy and resigned as director of his Dramatico record label.

Mike recently said on Twitter: “I no longer control the rights [to The Wombles] so sadly I had to abandon a comprehensive revival of them for your grandchildren. I’m glad the songs and records at least are enjoyed by generations who never saw the TV animation.”

You can follow the new official accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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