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Wombles people

Elisabeth Beresford biography

Read about the life of author Elisabeth Beresford, and how she developed the Wombles characters - first in her books and later for television.

Interview with Elisabeth Beresford’s daughter Kate

When I visited Alderney for the opening of the Wombles exhibition in 2012, I was delighted to meet Elisabeth Beresford’s daughter, Kate Robertson, who chatted about the influence of the island’s community on the Wombles burrow.

Mike Batt interview

In 2000, I attended the press launch of The Wombles Collection and interviewed Mike Batt afterwards.

The Wombles interview

In 2001, I arranged for The Wombles to answer questions sent in by children on the AOL Kids website. Find out who spends the most time in the bathroom and how they planned to conquer the pop world…

Interview with illustrator Nick Price

When Bloomsbury Publishing brought the Wombles books back into print in 2010, they turned to Nick Price to give them a fresh look for a new generation. He’s kindly answered a few questions about drawing the Wombles and his career as a popular illustrator.

Bernard Cribbins autographs

Bernard Cribbins appeared at the Collectormania signing event in 2007, where I met him and got his autograph. Five years later, I got another chance to meet him at London Film & Comic Con 2012.

Kenny Baker autograph

Actor Kenny Baker, who played Bungo in the Wombling Free film, appeared at London Film & Comic Con in 2009.

Celebrity Wombles fans

Lots of famous people are fond of the Wombles, particularly those who grew up during their mid-1970s heyday.