Tidy Bag

Watch the full Wombles Glastonbury concert

Wellington plays guitar at Glastonbury

Never mind the Rolling Stones - for some people, the highlight of this year’s Glastonbury weekend was the long-awaited release of The Wombles’ complete live performance from the 2011 festival.

Until now, fans who couldn’t be there had to make do with some taster clips and audience recordings. The new official Wombles YouTube channel brings us the full one-hour, 12-song set in HD quality. The setlist is:

  1. Remember You’re A Womble
  2. Banana Rock
  3. Womble Of The Universe
  4. Superwomble
  5. Nashville Wombles
  6. The Empty Tidy-Bag Blues
  7. The Orinoco Kid
  8. Minuetto Allegretto
  9. The Wombling Twist
  10. Invitation To The Ping-Pong Ball
  11. Wombling Merry Christmas
  12. The Wombling Song

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