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The Wombles begin Glastonbury rehearsals

The Wombles band

With exactly one month to go, The Wombles have begun rehearsing for their live performance at Glastonbury Festival, at a ‘secret location’.

On the morning of 26 May, The Wombles’ PR company, Republic Media, tweeted: “Oh the irony… on the way to a secret location to see the Wombles rehearsing for Glastonbury and am stuck behind a dustman’s lorry.”

Later in the evening, Mike Batt announced: “First Wombles Glasto rehearsal today. Wowzers, I feel like I just spent all day in the gym! My thanks to my co-workers! Have a nice hot bath.”

Choreographer (and Zumba dance-fitness instructor) Cristian Valle tweeted: “Had a brilliant day with the wombles yeah!!!” and “Had a great day rehearsing the wombles & a great Zumba class!” In answer to the question, “Are u really choreographing the Wombles? …of Wimbledon?”, he replied, “yes more staging and some choreography”. He added: “Pinching myself that I have the opportunity to work with the Amazing Wombles.”

Mike Batt has dropped a few hints on Twitter about what to expect at Glastonbury. On 14 May, he asked: “Any suggestions for set list for Wombles 1 hour set at Glasto? I’ll hand them over to Orinoco, he’s in charge.” Later he said: “That’s two votes in succession for Minuetto - so I guess that’s in the set, must now learn how to do it live with no orchestra.”

On 17 May, he added: “My colleagues think REMEMBER YOU’RE A WOMBLE would be best Glasto-single, but I’m bored with it. (Been a hit twice already).”

On 19 May, he tweeted: “Have recruited McWomble The Terrible for Glasto, He’s called ‘the Terrible’ because he’s terrible at playing bagpipes… poss Superwomble too.”

On 23 May, he said: “Gotta get fit for Glasto. That costume ain’t the same as when I was 24”, and announced what time they’ll be playing: “Sunday, Avalon stage, 2pm for an hour.”

Original guitarist Chris Spedding may put in an appearance - the What’s New section of the Chris Spedding website says “The Wombles play live!!!” and his gig schedule includes The Wombles at Glastonbury Festival on 26 June. However, Mike Batt has clarified: “Sorry, I’m not saying who’s in Wombles for Glasto. Chris Spedding isn’t. He may guest-solo in civvies, though.”

There’s also some hope for everyone who can’t go to Glastonbury. In response to a fan’s plea, “Can we have a concert from The Wombles at Cadogan Hall or somewhere we can all get to with families. Please!”, Mike Batt said “Good idea”.

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