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The Wombles confirmed for Glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury Festival 2011 line-up poster

Following last year’s rumours, this year it’s really happening: The Wombles will play the Avalon Stage at Glastonbury Festival.

The festival takes place from 24 to 26 June 2011. However, it’s too late to buy tickets; they sold out in just four hours when they went on sale last October. Sadly, it seems that the BBC is also unlikely to cover the Avalon Stage performances, as the 2010 FAQ details which stages they recorded last year. Let’s hope they can make an exception for the Wombles!

The full Glastonbury line-up was announced on 14 April, and The Wombles’ inclusion attracted a lot of attention, with an enthusiastic response from Twitter users.

The official Glastonbury Festival account, GlastoFest, tweeted: “It may be unfair to pick out line-up highlights but, hey, how good are The Wombles going to be on the Avalon Stage?”

Mike Batt confirmed on Twitter that it was indeed “the very same” Wombles, and warned: “Watch out for McWomble The Terrible and his bagpipes at Glasto this year… (he plays them Terribly, hence name).”

He added: “McWomble will play a pipes solo and Superwomble will (probably) be there, unless there is a World emergency requiring his presence.”

Mike Batt also announced the rescheduled album release, which was postponed last Christmas: “All the old Wombles albums coming out on CD in exactly the same form as original albums, this June. Or do I mean July? Must get a calendar.”

Update: The Wombles’ PR company, Republic Media, has confirmed that the five Wombles albums will be released on 20 June by Dramatico Records. Their Glastonbury performance will be on the Sunday (26 June). See the official press release below.

Fellow children’s books/TV/music star Rastamouse - whose TV show has been compared to The Wombles for its animation style - has also been added to the Glastonbury bill. The reggae-playing, crime-fighting mouse and his Easy Crew will make their worldwide live debut with a daily performance in the Kidz Field.

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