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The Wombles to play Glastonbury?

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts

There have been rumours in the press that The Wombles could play Glastonbury Festival this year - but Mike Batt appears to have denied them.

The Sun reported that “the band are in discussion with festival organisers to take a coveted Sunday afternoon slot on the Pyramid stage”, and claimed that “a source said: ‘Discussions have been opened about The Wombles playing Glastonbury. They’re certainly keen to be there.’” Many other news sources picked up the story.

However, Mike Batt commented on Twitter: “The Sun said today that we were ‘talking’ to Glastonbury re The Wombles. Who leaked that? Not us.” He later added, “If Wombles R at Glasto this year I’ll eat an anchovy. 2011, who knows?”

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