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Wombles film - Wombling Free

Wombling Free, a full-length, live-action Wombles film, was released in 1977 by the Rank Organisation. It’s had several video and DVD releases.

Main credits:

Did you know? The ‘Ken Baker’ credited as one of the Wombles is none other than Kenny Baker, better known as R2-D2 in Star Wars. He played Bungo. His wife Eileen also played an Ewok in Return Of The Jedi, along with many of the Wombling Free cast.

Note: Although the videos list running times ranging from 92 to 98 minutes, they’re not cut differently. All were classified by the BBFC with running times of 92 minutes, compared to the original film’s 96 minutes - PAL videos run 4% faster than cinema films.

Wombling Free (VHS) - 1986

Wombling Free 1986

Released: 1986
Publisher: Missing In Action
Catalogue number: V3213
Running time: 96 minutes

"To see them is to believe them!

"Wombles have been tidying up after people ever since Adam and Eve littered the Garden of Eden with an apple core.

"The Wombles can only be seen by people who believe in them And that’s not the case with the human residents of Wimbledon Common, until Kim, the daughter of the old bad tempered Frogmorton spots a Womble and befriends the furry ones. Next thing her mother is seeing them too.

"Meanwhile the Wombles are doing Womble-full things. They invent a pollution free car made of tin cans and mop handles and stage a Hollywood music extravaganza in an abandoned theatre and then launch the first balloon powered aircraft!

"When Kim invites them to a hilarious birthday party, her astonished father finally sees the light and the Wombles too.

"To spread the word he calls a mass meeting of the town folk inviting them to join the Wombles in their clean up campaign.

“The Grand Finale has to be seen to be believed.”

Wombling Free The Movie (VHS) - 1990

Wombling Free 1990

Released: 1990
Publisher: M.I.A. Video
Catalogue number: V3298
Running time: 96 minutes

"Those famous furry TV favourites - The Wombles are BROUGHT TO LIFE in this Full Length Film Spectacular with a pollution free car, The Wombles Hollywood Musical Extravaganza and the first balloon powered aircraft.

"You have to believe in wombles to see them.

“Wombling Free - The Movie. To see it is to believe it!”

Wombling Free (VHS) - 1998

Wombling Free 1998

Released: 1998
Publisher: VCI - Video Collection International
Catalogue number: VC3645
Running time: 98 minutes

"The Wombles are back in this fun-packed feature film, where all your favourite Womble characters spend their time cleaning up after untidy humans and recycling their rubbish.

"Follow their adventures as they try to make contact with humans and spread the Keep Britain Tidy message. They invent a pollution-free car made of tin cans and mop handles, stage a Hollywood musical extravaganza in an abandoned theatre, launch the first balloon-powered aircraft and organise a birthday party for Great Uncle Bulgaria!

“Wombles can only be seen by people who believe in them. Can Bungo and friends convince the human residents of Wimbledon Common to change their ways and adopt the Womble way of clean living?”

Wombling Free (DVD) - 2003

Wombling Free DVD 2003

Released: 16 June 2003
Publisher: Carlton Visual Entertainment - Classic Collection
Catalogue number: 37115 04213
Running time: 92 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9 (widescreen)
Audio: English, mono; English HOH subtitles
Region: 2 (PAL)
Special features: Theatrical trailer

"Based on the popular children’s series, Wombling Free follows the adventures of the furry loveable litter-pickers from Wimbledon Common - The Wombles. Only seen by those who believe in them, their work goes largely unnoticed until they are spotted by a young girl, who invites them to her birthday party to show her mother and the residents of Wimbledon that the cuddly crusaders do exist.

"Meanwhile Orinoco, Tobermory, Bungo and the rest of The Wombles are up to Womble-ful things. They invent a pollution free car made of tin cans and mop handles, and stage a Hollywood musical extravaganza in an abandoned theatre - then launch the first balloon-powered aircraft!

“A colourful song and dance fun-packed Womble spectacular that will enchant children of all ages.”


  1. Wombling Free
  2. Rubbish, Rubbish, Rubbish
  3. Four Feet, Fat & Furry
  4. They’re Going To Flatten Us
  5. Lots Of Rhubarb
  6. Tea With Felicity
  7. The Palace
  8. A Fantastic Vehicle
  9. To Believe In Wombles
  10. Keep England Bright & Beautiful

Wombling Free Special Edition (DVD) - 2006

Wombling Free DVD 2006

Released: 17 July 2006
Publisher: Network
Catalogue number: 7952490
Running time: 92 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
Audio: Mono English
Region: 2 (PAL)
Special features: Theatrical trailer; archive interviews with stars Bonnie Langford and David Tomlinson and writer/director Lionel Jeffries

"A smash hit on its original theatrical release, this live-action, musical extravaganza ensured that the nation was held fast in the grip of Womblemania. Showcasing the memorable songs of composer/musician Mike Batt (Watership Down, The Dreamstone) and based on the perennial favourite children’s stories by Elisabeth Beresford, Wombling Free contains the vocal talents of some of the UK’s best loved actors, including David Jason (Only Fools And Horses, A Touch Of Frost) and Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who, Worzel Gummidge).

“Written and directed by Lionel Jeffries (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Railway Children), it features Bonnie Langford (Doctor Who, Just William) as young Felicity ‘Kim’ Frogmorton, a girl who is amazed to be able to see and talk to the Wombles. Her father, David Tomlinson (Mary Poppins, The Love Bug) is sceptical, however, and Felicity must help the Wombles in their quest to Keep Britain Tidy! Wombling Free will undoubtedly appeal to those who are young-at-heart and anyone with fond memories of Bagpuss and The Clangers.”


  1. The Wombles Of Wimbledon
  2. Off To Work
  3. Talking To A Human Being
  4. You And Your Imaginary Friend
  5. The Wrong Common
  6. Blooming And Growing
  7. Thanks For Tea
  8. What A Splendid Car!
  9. Wombling Overland Airways
  10. A Meeting And A Party
  11. Keep Britain Tidy
  12. Wombling Free

Special features: