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Wombles VHS videos - 1990s TV series

A brand new Wombles series came to ITV in March 1998, with a new look, additional characters and different voices. Each episode lasts ten minutes, twice the length of the 1970s episodes. Over the next few years there were four series of 13 episodes.

In addition, 78 one-minute interstitials were created, to be inserted between the main episodes when they were shown on television in other countries. A few of these sketches were included on the Deep Space Wombles video, but the remaining interstitials have never been available in the UK.

Only three videos of the new series were released, totalling just 14 of the 52 episodes. All of the following are UK releases on PAL VHS video.

Orinoco The Magnificent And Other Stories

Orinoco The Magnificent

Released: 1998
Publisher: First Independent
Catalogue number: VA 30735
Running time: 40 minutes

  1. Orinoco The Magnificent
  2. The Ghost Of Wimbledon Common
  3. Tomsk To The Rescue
  4. Beautiful Boating Weather

Camping And Cloudberries And Other Stories

Camping And Cloudberries

Released: 1998
Publisher: First Independent
Catalogue number: VA 30738
Running time: 40 minutes

  1. Camping And Cloudberries
  2. Madame Cholet’s Day Off
  3. Shansi’s Surprise
  4. Macwomble Is Coming

Deep Space Wombles And Other Stories

Deep Space Wombles

Released: 1999
Publisher: Columbia Tristar Home Video
Catalogue number: CVRP 807
Running time: 66 minutes

  1. Deep Space Wombles
  2. Car Trouble
  3. Macwomble The Charming
  4. Rainy Daze
  5. Trouble At The Thames
  6. Great Womble Explorer

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