Tidy Bag

Wombles covers and tributes

Great Hits Of The 70s - Moog Style

Format: LP
Released: 1974
Label: Contour
Catalogue number: 2870 413

Includes: The Wombling Song

The Mike Sammes Singers Sing Hits Of The Wombles

Format: LP
Released: 1975
Label: Music For Pleasure
Catalogue number: MFP 50111 Stereo

Side One

  1. The Wombling Song
  2. The Orinoco Kid
  3. The Wombling Twist
  4. The Womble Square Dance
  5. Bungo’s Birthday
  6. Banana Rock

Side Two

  1. Remember You’re A Womble
  2. Womble Burrow Boogie
  3. Look Out For The Giant
  4. The Jungle Is Jumping
  5. Non Stop Wombling Summer Party
  6. Wombling Merry Christmas

20 All Time Christmas Hits

The Alan Peters Orchestra and Chorus

Format: LP
Released: 1975
Label: Reader’s Digest
Catalogue number: RDS 9092

Includes: A Womblin’ Merry Christmas

The Womble Bashers

The Bashers (Roger McGough / Mike McGear)

Format: 7"
Released: 1976
Label: Virgin Records
Catalogue number: VS 154

Side One: The Womble Bashers
Side Two: Womble Bashers Wock

Kidz Wombles

Sung By Children… For Children

Format: CD
Released: 1998
Label: CYP Children’s Audio
Catalogue number: WOMCD1

  1. The Wombling Song
  2. Minuetto Allegretto
  3. Tobermory
  4. The Wombles Square Dance Song
  5. Non Stop Wombling Party
  6. Remember You’re A Womble
  7. Wombles Everywhere
  8. A Wombling Merry Christmas
  9. Wellington Womble
  10. The Wombling Twist

The Very Most - Snow Covered

Format: CD
Released: 2011

  1. Wombling Merry Christmas (The Wombles)
  2. Little Saint Nick (The Beach Boys)
  3. Coldest Night Of The Year (Vashti Bunyan)
  4. Christmas Eve (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci)