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Wombles 7” singles

The Wombles had eight Top 40 singles in the UK Official Singles Chart in 1974 and 1975, with four in the Top 10.

Most of the UK singles were only released in a generic sleeve, while Germany and some other countries had picture sleeves.

The Wombling Song

Released: 12 October 1973
Catalogue number: CBS 1794
Side B: Wellington Womble (1973) / Wombles Everywhere (1974)
Peak chart position: 4

Remember You’re A Womble

Released: 29 March 1974 / September 1974 (USA)
Catalogue number: CBS 2241 / Columbia 3-10033 (USA)
Side B: Bungo’s Birthday / Wellington Womble (USA)
Peak chart position: 3

Banana Rock

Released: 14 June 1974
Catalogue number: CBS 2465
Side B: The Womble Square Dance
Peak chart position: 9

Die Wombles Sind Im Kommen

Released: 1974 (Germany)
Catalogue number: CBS 2544
Side B: Wimbledon Sunset (Interlude)

Wombling Summer Party

Released: July 1974 (USA) / 13 September 1974
Catalogue number: Columbia 3-10013 (USA) / CBS 2663
Side B: Wimbledon Sunset
Peak chart position: 55 (Billboard Hot 100)

Minuetto Allegretto

Released: 27 September 1974
Catalogue number: CBS 2710
Side B: Womble Burrow Boogie
Peak chart position: 16

Ricorda Siamo Wombles

Released: 1974 (Italy)
Catalogue number: CBS 2711
Side B: The Wombling Song

Wombling Merry Christmas

Released: 22 November 1974 / December 1983
Catalogue number: CBS 2842 / A4084 (1983)
Side B: Madame Cholet / Let’s Womble To The Party (1983)
Peak chart position: 2

Wombling White Tie And Tails (Fox Trot)

Released: 25 April 1975
Catalogue number: CBS 3266
Side B: The Wombling Twist
Peak chart position: 22

Super Womble

Released: 18 July 1975
Catalogue number: CBS 3480
Side B: The Orinoco Kid
Peak chart position: 20

Let’s Womble To The Party Tonight

Released: 7 November 1975
Catalogue number: CBS 3794
Side B: Down At The Barber Shop (Singing In Harmony)
Peak chart position: 34

The Womble Shuffle

Released: 12 March 1976
Catalogue number: CBS 4049
Side B: To Wimbledon With Love
Peak chart position:

Rainmaker (by Wellington Womble)

Released: 3 September 1976
Catalogue number: CBS 4604
Side B: Wombling In The Rain
Peak chart position: