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Wombling merry Christmas presents

What’s under the Christmas tree on Wimbledon Common? Give your loved ones the gift of wombling this year, or get some ideas for your own festive wishlist. Just don’t forget to tidy up the wrapping paper on Christmas morning!

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Haydon the Womble toys Haydon the Womble’s football mascot cuddly toys (£10 to £25), Christmas card (£2), calendar (£8) and Christmas jumper (£35) - AFC Wimbledon Club Shop

The W Factor The W Factor: 20 Wombling Greats remastered compilation album, including Wombling Merry Christmas (around £10) - Amazon

Orinoco cuddly toy Six Wombles soft toys: Orinoco, Great Uncle Bulgaria, Madame Cholet, Tobermory, Bungo or Alderney (around £10 each) - eBay

The Wombles gift book edition Full-colour illustrated hardback gift edition of the first Wombles book - Amazon | eBay | Music Magpie

The Wombles paperback gift edition Full-colour illustrated paperback gift edition of the first Wombles book - Amazon | eBay

The Wombles audiobook Unabridged five-CD audiobook edition of the first Wombles book, read by Bernard Cribbins (around £15) - Amazon | Foyles

The Snow Womble book The Snow Womble: large full-colour picture book of the short story, ideal for younger children - Amazon | eBay

Four Wombles albums The original Wombles albums, reissued on CD (around £10) - Amazon | eBay | Music Magpie

The Wombles Collection - 6 Books The Wombles collection: series of six paperback books (around £7 each) - Amazon | eBay | FoylesMusic Magpie

Wombling Free DVD Wombling Free DVD: live-action feature-length Wombles film (around £5) - Amazon | eBay

Bernard Cribbins: Bernard Who? 75 Years of Doing Just About Everything Bernard Cribbins’s autobiography, Bernard Who? 75 Years of Doing Just About Everything (around £14) - Amazon | eBay | Foyles

The Chronicles Of Don't Be So Ridiculous Valley book cover The Chronicles Of Don’t Be So Ridiculous Valley by Mike Batt (£20 unsigned, £25 signed) - Amazon | London Street Books

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