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‘The Wombles, Elisabeth Beresford and her Alderney’ exhibition

Elisabeth Beresford’s Wombles are going on display in the world’s first exhibition using the author’s personal collection. The small Channel Island of Alderney is to pay tribute to the Wombles creator and author Elisabeth Beresford by creating the special exhibition which will celebrate the Wombles, her many other works, her life and her special connection to the island of Alderney.

The exhibition, ‘The Wombles, Elisabeth Beresford and her Alderney’, will feature the history and stories of the Wombles and the various characters. On display will be the main characters, such as Orinoco, Uncle Bulgaria and of course Alderney, as well as a selection of Womble memorabilia including bestselling books, films and soft toys.

The exhibition will also take a look at Elisabeth Beresford and her life in Alderney, paying particular attention to the special relationship that she developed over a period of 50 years with the tiny Channel Island which she made her home.

The exhibition will officially open on Saturday 30 June 2012 and will run throughout the summer until the end of September.

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