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Plans for a Wombles museum on Alderney

Elisabeth Beresford in her office

Elisabeth Beresford’s home on Alderney could be turned into an official Wombles museum.

The creator of The Wombles died in December 2010, and ITV Channel Television reports that her children have given the go-ahead for a museum on the island - to open by June.

The family still owns her 300-year-old cottage in St Anne, the island’s main town, though it’s not yet clear whether the museum will be in the author’s home.

Watch the video of the news report on the ITV Channel Television website.

Elisabeth Beresford moved to Alderney in 1978 with her husband Max Robertson, after visiting the small island for summer holidays every year since the 1960s. She had named one of the young Wombles after the island in the very first book, published in 1968.

Marcus Robertson, their son, recently appeared on The One Show talking about his childhood, and showed us parts of his mother’s home.

Update: Elisabeth Beresford’s home is now being sold, so it’s unlikely to be used for a museum. However, the Guernsey Press newspaper confirms that her children Kate and Marcus have been liaising with Alderney Museum over a Wombles exhibition to be staged this summer.

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