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Wombles limerick on Richard Osman’s House Of Games

The Wombles often pop up in television quiz show questions. In the latest series of Richard Osman’s House Of Games, they were part of a limerick round called ‘There Once Was a Quiz Host Called Richard…’.

The limerick read:

These characters keep their home clean
And they usually hate to be seen
Seek a small furry critter
Who’ll be picking up litter
In the postal code South West 19

Contestant Myra DuBois buzzed in after the third line, and correctly answered that it was the Wombles.

The show was broadcast on BBC Two on 19 October 2023 (Series 7: Week 4: Thursday), and is available to watch on BBC iPlayer for a year.

Answer Smash

In an earlier series in September 2021 (Series 5: Week 5: Thursday), a certain composer made an appearance in the final Answer Smash round, where two answers are joined together.

The question was:

The songs ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘Remember You’re a Womble’ were written by which musician?

The picture was a slice of cake with yellow and pink squares.

The answer? Mike Battenberg, of course!

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