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Wombles’ place names on Only Connect

Only Connect Wombles question

Hot on the heels of The Chase, now the BBC2 quiz show Only Connect has featured the Wombles.

In the ‘Dandies v Gaffers’ episode broadcast on 29 September 2017, one of the first-round questions revealed four maps with places highlighted.

The Gaffers team wrongly guessed “Straits”, while the Dandies tried “Companies named after geographical features”.

Presenter Victoria Coren Mitchell explained: “Now, I think the key to this is recognising any one of these geographical features. If you recognise any of them, you might get it. Stop me when you know what I’m talking about. You were looking at pictures of Alderney, Wellington, Tobermory…”

Only Connect Wombles answer

“Oh, Wombles,” said Owen Davies from the Gaffers, as the answer dawned on him and he started laughing.

“…and Orinoco. They are Wombles,” finished Victoria. “Amazing that we’ve got to series 13 and we haven’t had Wombles in pictures of maps before. But that’s it. Wombles.”

Funnily enough the next episode, on 6 October, has a team named ‘Wombles’ made up of AFC Wimbledon supporters, competing against a team of darts players called Arrowheads.

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