Tidy Bag

Tidy Bag appears on The Chase

Tidy Bag question on The Chase

Tidy Bag was featured as a question on the ITV quiz show The Chase, presented by Bradley Walsh.

In the episode aired on 11 September 2017, one of the questions was:

“What children’s TV programme has a dedicated website called ‘tidybag.uk’?”

The choices were The Tweenies, The Clangers and The Wombles.

The contestant, 32-year-old communications officer Jackson from Portsmouth, and the chaser, The Governess Anne Hegerty, both guessed correctly. Jackson reasoned: “Well, they clean up a lot, they clean up Wimbledon Common. My daughter’s not really old enough to watch it yet, so I don’t know, but we’ll see.”

Jackson earned £2,000 in his individual head-to-head round, but the team failed to win £9,000 in the final chase.

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