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Womble toy catches fire in Harrogate

An Orinoco Womble toy was involved in a small house fire in Harrogate on Sunday, 19 April. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service reported the news on its website:

Orinoco Womble Toy Destroyed In Fire - Harrogate

At 2038 hours the Fire Service were called to a smell of burning in the loft of a maisonette property on Grantley Drive in Harrogate. Fire engines from Harrogate and Knaresborough Fire Station attended.

Upon arrival crews found an Orinoco Womble toy on fire which had been too near to a downlighter in the loft. Crews removed the toy to the open air and extinguished the fire using a dry powder extinguisher.

The fire caused 100% fire damage to the toy and approximately 5% fire damage to the wiring. There were smoke alarms fitted in the property but didn’t actuate due to the siting of them in the property.

Initially it was unclear whether this report was a hoax, particularly next to another report that afternoon about ducklings rescued from a drain. However, the story was soon picked up by the local media, and even made it on to the Daily Mirror’s website.

Our thoughts are with Orinoco’s human family, and we’re glad that the fire was detected and extinguished quickly. Remember to test your smoke alarms regularly.

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