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Mike Batt box set to include Wombles compilation

The Mike Batt Music Cube

Mike Batt is releasing a box set of his work, The Mike Batt Music Cube, which includes a few Wombles songs. The 16-disc collection (eight double albums) celebrates his 40-year career as a singer, songwriter, arranger, conductor and producer.

The final disc is a new compilation, titled The Orinoco Kid, containing “Batt’s own selection of early singles and Wombles curios”. Mike Batt says: “I have even included Summertime City, which at the time of making I found completely cringeworthy, but which I now look back upon as a kitsch signpost along the road of my career.”

The Wombles tracks are:

For more information, see the news and discography pages on Mike Batt’s website.

The Mike Batt Music Cube is released on 7 December 2009 and is available from Amazon, HMV, Play.com and others.

Watch Summertime City on Top Of The Pops in September 1975:

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