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Mike Batt and The Wombles appear on This Morning

Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley talk to Mike Batt, with the on-screen caption 'Mike Batt celebrates 50 years of wombling'

Mike Batt was interviewed on the ITV1 television show This Morning on Wednesday, 19 June, promoting the new greatest hits album Golden. The Wombles band also made an appearance, performing The Wombling Song.

Mike talked to presenters Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley about how much fun The Wombles had been, and how his mum first made him a costume to help get the attention of his record company.

He explained how they ended up with three singles in the charts at the same time, exactly 50 years ago, after he quickly followed up the success of The Wombling Song with Remember You’re A Womble and then Banana Rock.

They discussed The Wombles’ appearance on The Word in 1994, where coincidentally a young Ben Shephard was in the studio audience.

Mike also took the opportunity to mention his autobiography, which will be published in September.

The Wombles band closed the segment with a live performance of The Wombling Song - a specially recorded “short new version for this brief performance”, as Mike confirmed on Twitter.

The Wombles previously appeared on This Morning in June 2011, a few days after their live show at Glastonbury Festival.

Mike has also appeared on several radio shows this week, including:

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