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Superwombling listening party

Superwombling CD

Join Mike Batt on Twitter for a Wombling Merry Christmas Eve, as part of the Tim’s Listening Party series organised by Tim Burgess of The Charlatans.

The playlist is the Superwombling album with an encore of The Wombling Song, Remember You’re A Womble and Wombling Merry Christmas.

How to take part

  1. Follow @Mike_Batt, @Tim_Burgess and @LlSTENlNG_PARTY on Twitter, or follow the TimsTwitterListeningParty Twitter List.
  2. At 6pm UK time (GMT) on 24 December, look out for Tim’s tweet telling you when to start the music.
  3. Start playing or streaming the Superwombling album.
  4. Watch Mike Batt’s tweets for his real-time commentary about the songs you’re listening to.
  5. Ask questions or share your memories using the hashtag #TimsTwitterListeningParty.

If you can’t join the live event, you can watch a real-time replay so the tweets will be in sync as you listen along, or just read through all the tweets in the archive.

You can download or stream the songs from Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube or your preferred music service.

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