The Wombles perform on This Morning

The Wombles on This MorningThe Wombles appeared on the ITV1 television show This Morning on Wednesday, 29 June, performing The Wombling Song.

They were trailed at the beginning of the show with some footage of the band picking up litter on the grass. Then presenters Phillip Schofield and Jenni Falconer discussed her vague memory of Bonnie Langford being in the Wombles TV series, with Phillip certain that she couldn’t have been as “it was a cartoon type of thing”. Later, Phillip read out a tweet from viewer Stuart White explaining that Bonnie Langford was in the movie Wombling Free in 1977 – so Jenni was almost right after all.

At the end of the show, The Wombles performed The Wombling Song ‘live’ on the South Bank outside the TV studios (although Phillip Schofield introduced it as ‘Underground, Overground’). Whereas Glastonbury was a genuinely live performance, here they were playing their instruments along to the record, Top Of The Pops-style – attracting some jokey criticism on Twitter for miming, though Bungo drew praise for “really going for it” on drums. There were lots of excited or surprised comments too, many from people remembering how much they used to like the Wombles when they were young.

Click on a picture to see larger versions, and scroll down to watch a video of the performance. You can watch the whole show on ITV Player until 6 July.

The filming was spotted by a couple of Twitter users, who posted snapshots from behind the scenes. SussexCommuter said: “I’ve just seen the wombles perform on southbank” while RoshChandarana added: “At ITV about to have a tour and have already spotted The Wombles. Tis gonna be a good day.”

I've just seen the #wombles perform on southbank on Twitpic
I've just seen the #wombles perform on southbank on Twitpic

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