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Wombles mural cleans up graffiti in Wimbledon

A large wall next to Wimbledon railway station that was previously covered in unsightly graffiti has been repainted with a mural of the Wombles.

It shows some of the new-look Wombles painting the wall under the guidance of Tobermory, though Orinoco’s having a bit of trouble with a paint tin. Madame Cholet provides a basket of cakes, while Great Uncle Bulgaria surveys the scene with a nice cup of tea.

The 15m x 3.5m mural was created by street artists Graffiti Kings, and has been given a protective anti-graffiti coating to preserve it. It was commissioned by the Love Wimbledon Business Improvement District and supported by South Western Railway, and unveiled on 16 October.

There are also large signs with environmental messages featuring the Wombles above the doorways of Wimbledon station foyer: ‘Love where you live’, ‘Travel smarter’, ‘Rethink reuse recycle’ and ‘Go green’.

You can see the mural along the railway path by walking down the side of Little Waitrose (opposite the railway station forecourt), or behind Tuition House. If you’re passing through by train, look out just to the west of the station.

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