This page is about the Wombles that Dramatico Animation worked on between 2013 and 2017. Are you looking for the new 2020 Wombles?

The Return Of The Wombles: first preview of the new CGI TV series

Mike Batt has released an 8-minute promotional video ‘update on the imminent return of The Wombles’, showing footage of the new CGI TV episodes along with a look behind the scenes at the Dramatico Animation studio.

He’s also revealed that – as many fans had hoped – Bernard Cribbins will be returning as the voice of Great Uncle Bulgaria.

However, the new series looks unlikely to be on our television screens until at least the end of this year. Mike Batt said on Twitter: “When I’ve finished the first series! (To a quality, not really to a date.) Maybe Xmas special 2016 then through 2017.”

3 thoughts on “The Return Of The Wombles: first preview of the new CGI TV series”

  1. Oh dear.

    The animation of the Wombles themselves looks good, but they have mouths?!

    And going for a photo-realistic look on a TV budget is futile, the trees and the plants look pretty awful…

    That image they released a few months/years ago of Orinoco outside the burrow with lots of flat greenery (like the original and 90s versions) looked much better.

    It’s all very seventies, with the logo and the Wombles resembling the original series, I don’t think it works pairing that style with CGI.

    I knew Mike Batt wasn’t a fan of the 90s series, but to see him saying it was a “stinker” is just silly, it has more charm than this looks to, and did a good job of updating the Wombles without changing them too much.

    • It’s clear they’re putting a lot of effort in to get it to a good standard, it looks like they’ve been working on it for years with still a way to go, so it’s a shame this is the aesthetic they’ve gone with, I find it quite ugly to look at when they’re out on the common.

      • Oh and finally, what are those strange looking baby Womble things with big sprouts of hair? They look like soft toys, ridiculous!


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