The Wombles launch The Big Tidy Up

The Big Tidy Up posterKeep Britain Tidy launched its Diamond Jubilee Big Tidy Up with the help of the Wombles and local schoolchildren on Wimbledon Common on 26 September.

The morning began with a photocall, with the Wombles and Mike Batt joined by Keep Britain Tidy’s ambassador Kirstie Allsopp, local MP Stephen Hammond, deputy mayor Laxmi Attawar, and representatives from Keep Britain Tidy and Waitrose, who support The Big Tidy Up. There were also two horses with their mounted keepers, who patrol the Common every day.

Many of the grown-ups took the opportunity to get a ‘#WombleSelfie’, a photo of themselves with a Womble – with Kirstie tweeting that it was a “career highlight”.

With Orinoco and Wellington kitted out in Waitrose aprons for the occasion, it’s understandable that someone got them confused with Tobermory!

Once the official group photos were finished, children from two local Eco-Schools went litter-picking in the woods near the windmill, accompanied by Orinoco, Wellington and Great Uncle Bulgaria. The keen volunteers from Dundonald Primary School and Trafalgar Junior School are ‘eco-warriors’ elected by each year group.

At first, most of these kids seemed more interested in the litter than in the Wombles, though they happily scavenged together for half an hour or so. By the time the Wombles had to wave goodbye, kids were waving back and running up to them for a hug.

My good turn for the day was warning Uncle Bulgaria not to step in some dog poo hidden in the grass…

See a collection of photos and tweets from the event below. (Click on the pictures for a bigger version.)

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