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The Wombles play live on BBC Radio 2

The Wombles band appeared on the Simon Mayo Drivetime radio show on 13 December. They played Wombling Merry Christmas and The Wombling Song live, and Orinoco was interviewed by Simon Mayo.

Their performance was streamed on live video on the BBC Radio 2 website - you can watch the videos and behind-the-scenes footage below. You can listen to the whole radio show on BBC iPlayer until 20 December.

See photos and comments from Twitter below.

https://twitter.com/adeharris2/status/146654146886508544 https://twitter.com/frinster/status/146655033889521664 https://twitter.com/NatashaNewton/status/146656448804429824 https://twitter.com/brettsr/status/146658823791316992 https://twitter.com/Mike_Batt/status/146664989808275456 https://twitter.com/Mike_Batt/status/146669924608258048 https://twitter.com/Mike_Batt/status/146679095864995841 https://twitter.com/Jill_Adams_/status/146681713614000128

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