New Wombles cuddly toys from Past Times

Orinoco cuddly toy from Past Times Uncle Bulgaria cuddly toy from Past Times Madame Cholet cuddly toy from Past TimesA new range of Wombles cuddly toys is available, mainly from Past Times, the high-street and online store which sells unique and unusual gifts inspired by history.

There are three soft toys in the first set: Orinoco, Uncle Bulgaria and Madame Cholet. Click on the images to see larger versions.

They’re 20 cm high and have soft plush fur, with embroidered eyes, fabric faces and hands, and reinforced cardboard feet.

  • Orinoco wears his classic red felt hat and scarf.
  • Uncle Bulgaria has a green and blue tartan fabric hat, cloak and shoes.
  • Madame Cholet wears a lace hat, and a yellow and white apron with a white lace border and a red necklace.

The toys are £14 each from Past Times, and you can order them online or buy them from your nearest store.

The high-quality toys are made by Posh Paws, and there are another three Wombles in the range – Tobermory, Bungo and Alderney – but they’re only available from a handful of other shops at the moment.

They were first spotted by Wombles fan Ali Joseph in the window of Worlds Apart, a comic and sci-fi shop in Liverpool (where they cost £9.99), who provided the photo below.

Update: All six toys are now available from for £9.99 each, due for release on 5 August.

Update: They’re now also available from Amazon and in-store at Waterstones.

Wombles toys in the Worlds Apart shop window

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