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Haydon the Womble in World Cup song video

The Beautiful Game by Jackdaw4

Haydon the Womble is featured in the video for The Beautiful Game, a football song by Jackdaw4.

AOL’s FanHouse UK has selected the song as its choice of World Cup theme. The video is made up of photos of fans’ personal favourite football moments, along with concert footage of the band at the 100 Club in London.

Haydon, the mascot of AFC Wimbledon football club, appears in a sequence of three photos showing him saving a goal, winning a trophy and then having a well-earned rest. (They’re around the three-minute mark if you can’t wait.)

The Beautiful Game was originally written as the title music for the 2008 BBC2 comedy documentary The Cup, which took a wry look at the world of kids’ football and pushy parents. This full length song version looks at the strange behaviour of the football fan.

Jackdaw4 are a British power pop band - if you like The Wombles’ albums, you might enjoy Jackdaw4 too. You can hear more of their music and download some free tracks, including The Beautiful Game, from the Jackdaw4 website.

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