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New episode: Badass Wombles Of Central Park

Badass Wombles of Central Park

The Wombles have moved to New York in a campaign to save British kids’ TV. In a one-minute sketch called Badass Wombles Of Central Park, they are loud, brash, over-Americanised caricatures.

The film features the voices of Bernard Cribbins, Wayne Forester and Emma Tate.

Pact, the association for companies that make television programmes, is campaigning for UK children to have more programming that reflects their own lives.

As the film explains: “Children’s TV is dominated by imported shows. Today just one per cent are new programmes made in the UK.”

You can watch the film below or at britishkidstv.com, then sign the petition to the Prime Minister (by 3 October 2008) and send a message to your MP.

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