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Wilderness Festival - The Wombles Retreat

Bring the kids down to the Wombles retreat - this is where you will find the burrow! Look out for loads of recycled tent fabrics sewn together to create a grand entrance into the burrow. The old reclaimed wooden doors will have flagpoles made of broomsticks on either side and flags made from old tents flapping about.

Once inside the burrow, the children will discover Uncle Bulgaria’s Giant Atlas to create a Womble name. There will be plenty of worktop space available, so the kids can make their very own festival Womble.

When the kids venture out the back they will find clothes lines to hang saucepans, wooden spoons, teapots and cooking utensils on. They can create a musical structure to clash, bang and clatter with.

There will be tools and loads more recycled materials to build a wombles car. Then with the use of their imagination create their very own festival adventures.

Kids… Remember to bring a piece of clothing that you no longer fit into so you can swop it in the Swop Shop!

Wilderness Festival