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Classic Children’s TV stamps

Great Uncle Bulgaria stamp

Royal Mail’s Special Stamp programme kicks off 2014 with an issue that celebrates over 60 years of classic children’s TV. 12 of the most popular characters from children’s television are included in the set.

Each decade since the 1950s is represented. Many of these shows have acquired cult status, and while intended for a young audience, they also attract devoted adult fans. Such was the attraction of The Magic Roundabout that when in 1967 it was moved to an earlier timeslot, the BBC received complaints from the programme’s adult fans who could not get home from work in time to watch the show.

12 first class stamps feature original images from the chosen TV programmes, made even more charming and collectable by the fact that each character is ‘breaking out’ of the standard stamp format.

Classic Children's TV stamps First Day Cover

The product range includes a set of 12 mint stamps (£7.20), an illustrated presentation pack with notes from television writer Graham Kibble-White (£7.70), a wooden framed set (£25), a set of 12 postcards (£5.40), and five pin badges including Great Uncle Bulgaria (£5.95 each).

The First Day Cover (£9.12) has all 12 special stamps affixed and is cancelled with a Wimbledon, London postmark, chosen as it is the home of The Wombles. It also includes a filler card, complete with a pen portrait of each featured series written by TV expert Graham Kibble-White.

You can buy the stamps from http://www.royalmail.com/childrenstv or at post offices throughout the UK from 7 January.


Technical specifications

Design: Interabang
Stamp format/size: Square 25mm x 25mm excluding protrusions
Printer: International Security Printers
Print process: Gravure Perforation: 15 x 15
Phosphor: All over
Gum: Self-adhesive
Number per sheet: 30/60

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