Vote for The Wombles as Kids’ TV Champ

The Radio Times is running a knockout tournament to find the ultimate children’s TV show. The Wombles got as far as the fourth round.

Hot on the heels of this summer’s poll for the nation’s favourite BBC children’s TV characters, now they’re pitching 128 kids’ programmes against each other in head-to-head contests over seven rounds.

  • Round 1: The Wombles beat Andy Pandy with 78% of the vote.
  • Round 2: The Wombles beat Yogi Bear with 54% of the vote.
  • Round 3: The Wombles narrowly beat Byker Grove with less than 51% of the vote.
  • Round 4: The Wombles lost to SM:tv Live, which got 66% of the vote.

See the final rounds on the Radio Times website.

Kids' TV Champ round 1 Kids' TV Champ round 2 Kids' TV Champ round  Kids' TV Champ round 4

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