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Complete 1970s Wombles series released on DVD

The Wombles Complete Collection DVD

A new DVD box set brings together every episode of the original 1970s TV series for the first time ever, from Orinoco And The Big Black Umbrella right through to Womble Summer Party.

The Wombles Complete Collection, released on 12 May, contains all 60 five-minute episodes.

Some of the cheapest places to buy the DVD include Amazon, HMV and Play.com. If you buy it direct from the Abbey Kids Shop, new customers get 20% off.

Unfortunately, some initial copies had a missing episode and some episodes in the wrong order. Lizzie Haines from Abbey Home Media says: “We have done everything we can to limit the damage and replace all faulty stock in the marketplace. Sadly we can’t guarantee that some faulty stock did not get through to the consumer, so if people who bought a faulty copy contact me directly we will gladly replace it.”

Congratulations to our competition winners, Beverley Kerry and Peter Spencer, who each win a copy of the DVD courtesy of Abbey Home Media.

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