The Wombles to return on Channel 5 in 2015

New CGI Orinoco eating cakeDramatico Entertainment has formally confirmed its plans for the future of The Wombles, announcing that the brand new TV series will be broadcast on Channel 5’s early morning preschool Milkshake! show in 2015.

News of the ‘comeback’ first hit the headlines a few weeks ago, when the Press Association picked up the story after Mike Batt told fans about his plans on his personal blog.

Jessica Symons, head of Children’s Channel 5, said: “This show was so loved by generations of children and the time is right for it to gain a whole new following. The stories and characters are as compelling as ever and we’re excited to welcome The Wombles to Milkshake.”

Dramatico Animation Ltd will be creating 52 new 11-minute episodes. Mike Batt confirmed that the new TV series will be CGI, saying: “It will look more like stop motion but with great fur.”

He told The Times: “A lot of us have the old stop-motion in our hearts from childhood, but with The Wombles it was not the jerky movements, it was the design and the wonderful characters. They will be like stop-motion puppets to look at, but will move more smoothly.

“The old ones were lovely, but were very slow and of their time in terms of their pacing. They were even ahead of their time in terms of their green and recycling credentials. We want to keep it parochial and cuddly and yet inject some action and fun.”

New CGI Wombles line-up

Test footage will be shown this October at MIPJunior in Cannes, the international showcase for children’s programmes.

The ‘multi-platform relaunch’ will also include a full-length film combining live action with CGI Wombles, an online ‘Wombles World interactive experience’ created by kids’ games producer Dubit, a Wombles pop group tour ‘to be announced’, and a new range of character merchandise. The new episodes will have a ‘higher music content’ than in the 1970s.

Co-executive producer Genevieve Dexter said: “Many people have attempted to bring back classic properties, and failed. What sets The Wombles apart is that they were ahead of their time, as the first recycling enthusiasts and with the extra dimension of the band which brought them to a family arena. The rights have now been regrouped and adapted for 21st century tastes and media consumption, although the relevance of the original themes holds strong and the messages therein are perhaps even more widely accepted today.”

In an interview with animation magazine Skwigly, Genevieve shared a few more details. The characters will be the original seven with the addition of Alderney. The episodes will have dialogue, and are planned for spring/summer 2015. And “of course” they’ll be keeping Mike Batt’s original theme tune.

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There were hundreds of reactions on Twitter – most people were pleased that The Wombles would be coming back, but wary of the new CGI production and keen for Bernard Cribbins to be involved again. See the most interesting comments below.

Mike Batt said he would love Bernard Cribbins to work on the new episodes. He told The Times: “I haven’t asked him yet, but he did a brilliant job in the Seventies and I would love it if he would grace us with his presence.” Genevieve Dexter said to Skwigly: “We would love him to be Great Uncle Bulgaria when the time comes.”

Dramatico Entertainment has formally confirmed its plans for the future of The Wombles, announcing that the brand new TV series will be broadcast in Channel 5’s preschool Milkshake strand in 2015.

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