Tidy Bag – Remembering the Wombles

New CGI Orinoco outside the burrow door

Mike Batt ‘not ashamed of Wombles’

While promoting his new classical album, Mike Batt gave an update on the forthcoming TV series and discussed how he’s rediscovered the fun of The Wombles.

Cover of Great Uncle Bulgaria Takes Charge

New books for younger readers

Bloomsbury will be publishing a series of brand new Wombles adventures for younger readers with a new look, but they’ve been postponed until next year.

Wombles coming soon poster at Toy Fair 2015

New toys planned for late 2015

Vivid Toy Group will be producing a range of Wombles toys based on the new CGI TV series, with an initial selection planned for later this year.

2048: Wombles Edition

2048 game

Play the Wombles version of the 2048 tile game. Can you reach Great Uncle Bulgaria?

Uncle Bulgaria waves at a boy


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