CGI Wombles band

More previews of the new CGI Wombles TV series

Mike Batt has shared some new stills from the forthcoming Wombles TV series, showing scenes on Wimbledon Common and inside the Womble burrow.

Mike Batt's sketch of Wellington Womble

Mike Batt sketches Wombles for charity

Mike Batt was inundated with requests after offering some original sketches of the Wombles to raise money for good causes.

2048: Wombles Edition

2048: Wombles Edition

Play the Wombles version of the ‘2048’ tile game. Can you reach Great Uncle Bulgaria?

The new-look Wombles in the Bloomsbury books

The Wombles’ names

Find out all the names of the Wombles, with pictures to see who’s who. Plus the line-up of the Wombles pop group, and information about the Womble mascots.

Twitter highlights

What's your favourite Ivor Wood #animation ? Wombles / Paddington Bear / The Herbs? Catch them @BridportArts 7.30pm 17 April #dorsethour