Most popular pre-school TV shows

The Wombles came joint sixth (with The Clangers) in a recent BBC survey on the most popular pre-school children’s TV shows of all time.

Orinoco And The Big Black Umbrella DVD

New version of Orinoco And The Big Black Umbrella

Two years after the first UK Wombles DVD (from Columbia TriStar), a new version with the same title, Orinoco And The Big Black Umbrella, has been released by Abbey Home Media.

Twitter highlights

What a thrill to be duetting with one of our greatest living songwriters @Mike_Batt… and get upstaged by another familiar face. You can download the original song and buy the book in aid of #FeedNHS here thankyoubakedpotato.com pic.twitter.com/KKGhWf2e7B