Bernard Cribbins and Bonnie Langford at Collectormania 19

Autograph saying 'To Tara Love Bernard Cribbins'Bernard Cribbins and Bonnie Langford will be attending the Collectormania 19 signing event in Milton Keynes on Sunday 26 May 2013.

They’re both appearing primarily for their roles in Doctor Who, but of course Bernard was also the voice of The Wombles, and Bonnie was the child star of the Wombling Free film.

The event at stadiummk is free but you pay for each autograph – the charge for Bernard Cribbins is £20, and for Bonnie Langford it’s £10.

For popular guests there’s a virtual queuing system, so it’s best to collect a ticket from their queue as soon as you arrive, or try later in the day when it may get quieter.

There are also professional photo shoots (again £20 for Bernard, £10 for Bonnie), for which you can buy tickets in advance, or on the day if they’re not sold out.

Find out more on the Collectormania website. For a taste of what these events are like, see how I got Bernard’s autograph in 2007 and 2012.